Yoga with Bri Renée Welcomes You

"when we're a little better, the world is a little better"


Meet Bri Renée

To know me is to know these 3 P’s: passion, purpose and personality. After being introduced to yoga my world opened up in ways I could have never imagined. Getting the opportunity to explore my body through yoga was a gift and quickly became a passion. As a yoga instructor I seek to provide a safe, comforting, and spirited environment where learning can take place. Through my teaching I strive to spread the message that, sometimes we sweat, sometimes we cry, sometimes we get angry, but each and every time we step on the mat we become a better person and when we are better, the world is better.


"I like the vibe of the class - its very welcoming, very unassuming. I just come in and feel very safe and very comfortable and able to just do my practice and relax. Get into the yogi spirit"



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